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पेय मेनू

Classic Cocktails


(White rum. lime juice, soda)


Pina Colada

(malibu rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream)


Pornstar Martini

(vanilla vodka, passionfruit puree, prosecco)


Espresso Martini

(vanilla vodka, kahlua, espresso shot)


Woo Woo

(vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice)


Blue Hawaiian

(vodka, blue curacao, lime juice)


Signature Cocktails

Talli Old Fashioned

(cinnamon flavoured whiskey, orange & bitters)


Talli Mango & Passion fruit Sour

(whiskey, passion fruit & mango syrup, bitters)



Hendricks Martini

(Hendrick’s gin, elder flower cordial)


Strawberry Bellini

(vodka, prosecco, lychee, strawberry)


Passion Fruit Mojito

(white rum, fresh passion fruit)


Jaljeera Mojito

(white rum, jaljeera mix, lime)


Whiskey Sour

(bourbon whiskey, fresh lemon juice)


Cucumber Collins

(vodka, cucumber syrup, fresh mint)



Mojito Pina Colada

coconut and dry red chilli


Pornstar Martini

fresh spinach, garic and cheese


Espresso Martini

black pepper, ginger, coconut and curry leaves


Woo Woo

gram flour and spices (mulukhia is jute leaf, considered a vitamin-rich superfood)


Blue Hawaiian

peanut, coconut and garlic



Passion Fruit Mojito


Strawberry Bellini


Jaljeera Mojito


Cucumber Collins



Cobra (Draught)

£4 (Half) £6 (Full)

Madri (Draught)

£4 (Half) £6 (Full)

Rekorderlig Cider (Draught)

£4 (Half) £6 (Full)

Bottled Beers (330 ml)


Ginger Beer



Beefeater/Gordan's Pink

£4 (25ml) £7.5 (50ml)

Tanquarey/Bombay Sapphire / Ophir.

£4.4 (25ml) £8 (50ml)

Whitley & Neill/Hendricks/ Gin Mare/Roku.

£5.5 (25ml) £9.5 (50ml)

Cascave/Monkey 47 /Silentpool

£8 (25ml) £14 (50ml)


Still/Sparkling Water




Diet Coke/Zero


Mixer (Tonic/Lemonade/Soda)


Fruit Juices (Orange/Apple)


San Pellegrino


Coffee (Cappuccino/Latte)


Tea (English Breakfast / Earl Grey)


Green/Mint Tea


Mango Lassi


Masala Chai



Famous Grouse

£4 (25ml) £8 (50ml)

Jack Daniels/Jameson/ Makers Mark/Paul John Indian/ Penderyn/Buffalo Trace.

£4.5 (25ml) £8.5 (50ml)

Glenfiddich/Talisker/ Monkey Shoulder/Toki.

£5.5 (25ml) £10 (50ml)


£8 (25ml) £14 (50ml)



£4 (25ml) £7.5 (50ml)

Absolut/AU/Zybrowka/ Flavored Vodka/Stolichnaya.

£4.5 (25ml) £8.5 (50ml)

Ciroc/Grey Goose/Belvedere.

£7.5 (25ml) £13.5 (50ml)



£4 (25ml) £7.5 (50ml)

Mount Gay/Kingston/ Havana 7/Kraken/Old Monk.

£4.5 (25ml) £8.5 (50ml)

Appleton Estate/ Plantation no 7/Don Papa.

£5 (25ml) £9.5 (50ml)

Ron Zacapa/Diplomatico Reserve.

£7.5 (25ml) £13.5 (50ml

Wine List

White Wine

Talli Kitchen Sauvignon Blanc

Central Valley – Chile
Soft and smooth with aromas of gooseberry, grass clippings and citrus fruits

£5.65 (175ml) £19.9 (Bottle)

Chenin Blanc, 33o South

Western Cape – South Africa
Lively and fresh with delicate flavours of papaya and mango

£21 (Bottle)

Pinot Grigio, Colpo di Fortuna

Venezie – Italy V+
A beautifully light and crisp wine brimming with notes of golden apples and lemon zest

£5.9 (175ml) £21 (Bottle)

Chardonnay, Louis Mondeville

Languedoc – France V+
Exotic tropical fruit and pineapple flavours blend harmoniously into a long intense finish


Sauvignon Blanc, Koromiko

Marlborough – New Zealand
An aromatic Sauvignon Blanc full of citrus notes with hints of grass clippings and nettles


Reserve White

Sancerre, Domaine Lauverjat, ‘Moulin des Vrillères’

Loire Valley – France
Full of finesse, well balanced, flinty, crisp and fresh, brimming with fruit, a classic white Sancerre

£39 (Bottle)

Chablis, Domaine de la Meulière

Burgundy – France V+
Subtle minerality blends perfectly with subtle notes of white stone fruits leading to a long refreshing finish

£42 (Bottle

Sparkling Wine

Botter Prosecco Spumante

Veneto – Italy V+
A lovely fresh and lively Prosecco bubbling with apples and pears

£7.95(200ml) £28 (Bottle


Moët et Chandon Brut Impérial

Champagne – France V+
A lovely fresh champagne with soft, fine bubbles. Notes of fleshy white fruits, pear, peach, red apples and soft citrus fruit with a hint of brioche on the finish

£49 (Bottle)

Red Wine

Talli Kitchen Merlot

Central Valley – Chile
Soft dark plums and cherry fruit flavours with a medium body

£5.65(175ml) £19.9 (Bottle

Shiraz, Darling River

South East Australia V+
Bursting with intense raspberry fruit, spice and white pepper with soft, gnetle tannins

£22 (Bottle)

Malbec, The Butcher of Buenos Aires

Argentina V+
Full bodied, soft and silky with ripe red berries and chocolate notes

£6.6(175ml) £24 (Bottle

Pinot Noir, Domaine Peirière

Languedoc – France V+
Perfectly balanced, light and delicate and packed with red cherry fruits

£25 (Bottle)

Rioja Tinto, Casa del Marques

Rioja – Spain
Young, vibrant and fruity with luscious black fruits of the forest and an intense finish

£27 (Bottle)

Reserve Red

Lussac St Emilion, Château du Courlat

Bordeaux – France V+
Soft and approachable with mellow bramble fruits, plums and well integrated toasty tannins

£42 (Bottle)

Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine Fontavin ‘Trilogies’

Ventoux – France V
Complex, smooth, sweet and spicy. Subtle layers of red fruits, coffee and spice blend perfectly

£55 (Bottle)

Rose Wine

Pinot Grigio Rosato, Colpo di Fortuna

Venezie – Italy V+
A very light, fresh rosato, with soft red berries and a touch of apricot

£6.15(175ml) £22 (Bottle)

Wildwood Zinfandel

California – USA V+
Delicate and refreshing and overflowing with creamy strawberries and redcurrants

£6.15(175ml) £22 (Bottle)

Rosé Blush, Monte Carlo

Southern France V+
Elegant and refined, a delicate blend of soft summer fruits with a fresh dry finish

£29 (Bottle)

Provence Rosé, Monte Carlo

Provence – France
Subtle and refreshing with notes of bright summer strawberries

£39 (Bottle)


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