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भोजन का मेन्यू

Any food allergies or dietary requirements please check with our staff.
*V - Vegetarian


Lucknowi Rajma Patties (V)

red kidney beans, cheese, nuts and mango chutney


Tandoori Aloo Anarkali (V)

potato, cottage chesse, nuts and yoghurt


Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass Chicken Tikka

yoghurt and in-house spices (Kaffir Lime are fragrant leaves of the wild lime tree) 


Zaitooni Paneer and Pineapple Kebab (V)

cottage cheese, pineapple, yoghurt and cumin powder.
(Zaintoon means Olive)


Galinha Cafreal Chicken Wings

chicken wings, coriander, mint and chilli (Chicken Cafreal is a Portuguese influenced dish popular in the Goan cuisine)


Lamb Seekh Kebab

minced lamb, whole spice powder and coriander


Prawn Balchao

malt vinegar and chilli powder


Rosemary Cheesy Malai Kebab

chicken, cashew nut, cream and cheese


Manipuri Sesame Chicken

chickpeas dip and black bread


Lamb Khorisa Asia

bamboo shoot, peanut sauce, tamarind and chilli


Basil and Mint Tandoori Prawns

mint leaves, basil and Yoghurt



Soups & Salads

Southern Rasam Soup (V)

tomatoes, spices, herbs and curry leaves


Nagamese Lamb Stew

bamboo shoot, chilli and fermented ginger


Green Mango Salad (V)

raw mango, apple, lemon and chilli


Quinoa Salad with Prawn

crispy-fried puffed ball, sweet mango and lemon


Masala Beetroot Salad (V)

beetroot, pepper, walnut and feta cheese


Main Course

Paneer Butter Masala (V)

cottage cheese, cream, tomato and butter


Arbi Kofta curry (V)

taro root, onion, nuts and cream 


Murgh Tikka Makhani

chicken, tomoto and nuts 


Zaffrani Murgh Korma

chicken, saffron, onion and cream (Zaffran means saffron


Kashmiri Lamb chop with Aloo Pitika

ginger, garlic, tomato, potato and mustard oil


Patiala Da Lamb

red chilli, onion, tomato and in-house spice


Lamb Kahdai

pepper, onion, tomato and coriander 


Northeast Duck Curry

ashgourd, onion and chilly


Malai Paneer and Garlic Spinach Cannelloni (V)

cottage cheese, garlic, spinach and tomato


Allepy Prawns/Scallop Moilee

coconut, curry leaves and in-house spices (Moilee is a traditional curry of kerala )


Kasundi Salmon with Steam Broccoli

mustard, onion and green chilli


Nilgiri Fish Masala

spinach, mint and coriander


Grilled Fish with White Asparagus Sauce

turmeric and in-house spice


Side Dishes

Sweet Potato Thoran (V)

coconut and dry red chilli


Lasuni Sag Burrata (V)

fresh spinach, garic and cheese


Malabar Mushroom (V)

black pepper, ginger, coconut and curry leaves


Mulukhia Dumpling with Yoghurt Sauce (V)

gram flour and spices (mulukhia is jute leaf, considered a vitamin-rich superfood)


Hyderabadi Spiced Aubergine (V)

peanut, coconut and garlic


Aloo Gobi Adraki (V)

potato, cauliflower and ginger


Saag Paneer (V)

spinach and cottage chesse


Dal Makhani (V)

black lentil, kidney beans and butter


Panchphoran Dal Tadka (V)

lentils, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds


Keema Matar

minced lamb, green peas and in-house spices


Matar Paneer (V)

green peas, cottage cheese and in-house


Indo Chinese

Kolkata Chilly Paneer (V)

cottage cheese, soy sauce, chilli sauce and pepper


Basil Chilly Chicken

soy sauce, chilli sauce and pepper


Fish in Oyster Sauce

oyster sauce, chilli sauce and pepper


Fried Rice





Green Peas Pulao Rice (V)


Plain Rice (V)


Jeera Rice (V)


Aligarh Ki Tehari (V)

potato, cauliflower and rice


Parda Murgh Biriyani

chicken, rice, mint, yoghurt and whole spices


Lamb Biryani / Duck Biryani

lamb/duck, rice, mint, yoghurt and whole spices


Naan / Tandoori Roti (V)


Garlic Naan / Peshwari Naan (V)


Laccha Paratha / Talli Black Bread (V)


Roomali Roti (V)


Bar Snacks

Assorted Papadum Basket (V)

fried papad and smoked tomato sauce


Peanut Masala (V)

onion, tomato, green chilli and chat masala


Talli Golgappa Shots (V)

crispy fried puffed ball, onion, potato, and tamarind
(add vodka for £3)


Rawa Fried Yam (V)

semolina, chilli, garam masala and tamarind chutney


Punjabi Samosa and Avocado Chat (V)

potato, yoghurt, tamarind sauce and chilli


Crispy Kale Chat (V)

onion, tomato, potato, yogurt and tamarind


Momo (Veg/Chicken)

dumplings filled with minced vegetables / chicken


Chatpata Chicken Tikka Chat

red onion, fresh coriander and tomato


Honey Glazed Szechuan Chicken

Szechuan pepper, soya sauce and garlic


Gunpowder Calamari

curry leaves, dried red chilli and black pepper


Chinese Bhel (V)

fried noodles, onion, tomato and green chilli


Talli Vegetarian Platter (V)

kidney beans patties, lentil fritters, paneer and mushroom


Talli Seafood Platter

scallop, squid, prawn and salmon


Desserts & Drinks

Rice and Jaggery Pudding (V)


Gulab Jamoon (V)


Beetroot Halwa (V)


Angoori Rasmalai (V)


Talli Sweet Spoon (V)

fusion of waffle, gulab jamun, rabri and carrot halwa


Mango Lassi


Masala Chai with Parle - G



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