Experience the Best Cocktail Bar in Orpington at Talli Kitchen

Step into the vibrant world of Talli Kitchen, where our golden cocktail bar awaits, nestled within our renowned Indian restaurant. Indulge in an array of classic and signature cocktails in our modern bar area, seamlessly integrated with dining tables. With dedicated bar seating, Talli Kitchen invites you to relish our exquisite beverage selection, whether it’s for a pre-dinner drink or a standalone cocktail experience in Orpington or visit our bar in Orpington just to experience the delicious cocktail menu we have on offer.

Unveiling Our Exquisite Cocktail Collection

At Talli Kitchen, our passionate mixologists craft perfection in every glass. Explore a diverse menu features beloved classics like Espresso Martinis, Pornstar Martinis, and Pina Coladas. Delve deeper into indulgence with our signature creations, such as the “khatti meethi martini” and “Talli Old Fashioned,” where each cocktail offers a tantalising twist on the classics.

Elevate Your Experience with Mocktails & Beyond

For those opting for alcohol-free delights, Talli Kitchen presents a diverse mocktail menu, mirroring the essence of our cocktails without the spirits. Our extensive beverage selection includes soft drinks, beers, spirits, and wines, ensuring a satisfying choice for every palate.

Ignite Your Weekends with Live Music & Entertainment

Kickstart your weekends at Talli Kitchen, where live music and entertainment amplify the ambience of our Orpington cocktail bar and restaurant. Whether it’s a pre-dinner indulgence or a post-meal rendezvous at the bar, immerse yourself in the energetic vibes and elevate your weekend experience.

Experience the Magic of Talli Kitchen

Whether you’re craving the flavours of our acclaimed Indian cuisine or seeking the ultimate cocktail experience in Orpington, Talli Kitchen beckons with its extensive libations and inviting ambience. Join us at our chic bar or reserve a table at our Orpington Indian restaurant to discover the allure of Talli Kitchen today.

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